Welcome To Hollow Bone

Vision Quests in the UK

The next Vision Quest will be held in May 19-25 2024

Through fasting, solitude and silence we enter into the Mystery; we become a “Hollow Bone,”

an empty vessel, able to receive direction, guidance and healing from the spirit realms.


VQ11 Land


The Vision Quest is a powerful and ancient Rite of Passage ceremony that has been followed by

indigenous cultures around the world for millennia. Our ancestors ceremonially left their community

and withdrew into the wilderness to seek sacred power and connection - to cry for a vision.


vq11 gateway 2


We do this for the people, the land and for Mother Earth,

 to restore balance and harmony to the interconnected web of life we are part of.

To go on a vision quest is to go into
     the presence of the Great Mystery     

Lakota proverb

Where there is no vision, people perish

  Proverbs 29:18